7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Photo Booth

This post has actually been inspired by a bride-to-be who recently approached me for Photo Booth hire on short notice after she found out her selected booth company had gone out of business. Please do your homework when hiring a photo booth – with a lot of vendors popping up, there are actually quite a number of offerings in the industry and two booth companies and packages may not be alike. While sometimes the unforeseeable may occur, I have put this together as a guide to arm you in your search for perfect booth to suit your event.

1. What kind of camera do you use?

Believe it or not – some photo booths use webcam’s! This results in lower quality pictures, especially in digital format. Be sure to ask your potential photo booth operator about the camera and equipment that will be used. It is also a good idea to ask about the print technology

2. Is advertising used in photo strips?

To me this is an important one, and surprisingly not often asked when customers enquire for photo booths, You have paid good money to have a photo booth at your event. Do you really want your memories cluttered with web addresses and photo reorder reference numbers? It may not sound like a big deal but these strips are the one thing that guests hold onto long after your wedding or event.

3. What does a vendor do with photos after an event?

Make sure you find out what a company’s policy is regarding the backup of photos – is there a back up in case the USB is lost in the post, are the photos uploaded to a gallery and most importantly, will any of your photos be used in future advertising or promotions?

4. Do you offer unlimited prints at the event and what does this actually mean?

Most vendors advertise unlimited photos / prints at events, however it would be smart to check with a vendor what they mean by ‘unlimited’. Sometimes they simply mean unlimited sessions with a set number of prints per session and not unlimited prints per booth session.
For example, for one vendor unlimited could mean 2 copies per session – so one strip for 5 guests to share between them and one for the guest book. For another vendor unlimited may mean at one print per guest in a session, so using the example of 5 guests – 6 strips, one for each guest and one for the guest book.

5. How long has a company been in business and how many events have the company serviced?

It is not always about the price when shopping for a photo booth. Another factor to consider is what level of experience are you paying for? It is certainly reasonable to ask a company about their history when deciding between different vendors. Looking at past event calendar’s and Facebook pages can also be an indication. However keep in mind that not all events want photo’s uploaded so will not be a 100% reflection. Website testimonial pages are also a good place to check.

6. What exactly is included in a photo booth package?

Some booth packages include things such as props, staff at the event, online uploads and guestbooks in the package price. Other times they are an additional cost. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples and know your inclusions. Plus, you don’t want to think you are getting something you’re actually not!

7. Ask potential vendors to show examples of the photo booth set up

Okay, so there are actually quite a few different setups on the market, and thinking about this question – I think I may have to write another post at a future point dedicated to this topic. You will find not all companies provide photos of their booths online. So it is important to ensure your idea of a photo booth and what the vendor has match up. Their is quite a debate on the topic of #notabooth. Setups can be anything from a tripod with a PC to the traditional arcade style kiosks or hard shell machines – which require a van and some serious moving equipment to move.

Also on this topic This one is not actually a question, however when you are browsing over a website, Pay close attention to images used on Photo Booth websites, some images are actually known as ‘stock images’ and purchased from stock image websites such as shutter stock and may not represent the final product.

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