International Photo Booth Week

Did you know that the very first Photomaton made its debut in September 1925? That makes the Photo Booth 90 years old this month.

The Photomaton which was invented by Anatol Josepho and operated in Manhattan, located in the heart of New York City. Created the foundations of what today’s Photo Booths are believed to be based from.

According to popular sources, The Photomaton charged twenty-five cents for a strip of photos which were printed and developed in just under 10 minutes. White-gloved assistants attended to the machine during opening hours to ensure the photo booth line stayed in control as well as providing maintenance for the machine.

Not to dis-similar to the day to day services of the modern day Photo Booth rental.

The first Photomaton was so popular that 280,000 people captured their very first photo strips within the first 6 months of operation.

Pretty Neat don’t you think? To celebrate Photo Booth companies across the globe are celebrating the 90th Birthday of the Photomaton with #PhotoBoothWeek

Photo booth


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