I would like to introduce…

I would like to introduce to you…. Fred and George our brand new identical twin booths!

Booth - black

Booth - White

These photos were captured on my phone at events over the weekend, Fred and George have a number of fantastic new features which are perfect for your event.

Boasting a spacious curtain area to fit more people in the booth, 4 to 6 people fit in the curtain comfortably, allowing more
room for your crazy photo booth poses ^_^.
Oh and on curtains – We now Stock White Curtains!! – So you can now choose from black or white Curtains when hiring your photo booth!

We also have a handy feature where the booth can be set up in kids mode! That’s right, no more standing on tippy toes for children at kids parties, this is perfect for children and pre-teens.

Filters are a great plus with Fred and George, we now have 6 filters (including colour) for your guest to choose from, allowing all the more customization for guests.

On customization we have a whole new range of 2×6 photo strips for you to choose from! – I will aim to get another post
up soon with a sample of our new range 😀

Parties just got a whole lot more fun with SnapBOX!!

Are there any features you would love to see with your photo booth hire?

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