The Snapbox photo booths, have been designed with portability in mind, stairs and multi-level buildings are not a great obstacle for our staff. Our booth has also been designed to cater for your guests, with an extra spacious area to pose for the perfect photo, or squeeze an extra few faces onto screen.



  • Interactive booth – Touch Screen
  • Designed and made by Australian manufacturers
  • Canon DSLR Camera
  • Choice of Filters to apply to the photo strips
  • Dye Sublimation Printer (enables fast, high gloss photos)
  • All Photos of your event provided on a USB
  • Customisable photo strips to match your event. Name, Logo, Strip style
  • Can operate with white or black Curtains. – Or set up as an Open Air booth
  • Kids mode configuration – perfect for Children’s parties
  • plenty of room for guests! – 4 to 6 people in the booth without problems
  • Reprint Button! – Photo strips for all! – You are not limited to just 2 prints per session.



The Footprint of the photo booth with the Curtain enclosure is:
180cm long x 175cm high x 153cm wide
Without the Curtains in open booth mode the booth stands with a footprint of:
76cm long x 67cm wide x 175cm High
Open Booth with Backdrop, lights etc:
2.5M x 3M


Do your Photo Booths print more than 2 copies of a photo strip?

Our Deluxe and Ultimate photo booth packages include a ‘reprint’ button at the end of a photo session, allowing you to get those extra prints so each guest in a photo session can enjoy a copy of the photos.

Do you provide props? 

Yes – our Photo Booth packages include a variety of props, ranging from feather boa’s, hats, glasses, fairy wings, mustaches, masks and more!

If I purchase a guest book, will you assist guests with the album?

Certainly. If you purchase a guest book, we are happy to prompt guests to place their photos in the album and assist with sticking the photos in.

What is a ‘Craft Box’?

Our craft box compliments the use of a guest book or album, we provide ‘craft box’ hire for $15 for the duration of your event.

In our craft box you will find a selection of gel pens, photo safe glue and patterned masking tape.

How do I get the digital photos from the night?

We provide all photos from the evening on USB, mailed to you after the event. We also offer online uploads to our gallery – and our Facebook page

How many people fit in your photo booth?

We have extra spacious booths with a curtain surrounding, we have had in excess of 6 people in the booth – with the photo booth set up as ‘open air’ we have had more than 10 people in a photo

What kind of Camera do you use?

We prefer the quality of Canon DSLR Cameras. No webcam in this Photo Booth.

Do I get my prints at the event?

Yes – photos print out within approx. 15 to 20 seconds of the end of a booth session.

What payment Methods do you offer? 

We offer all major payment methods – bank transfer and Cheque / Money Order. We can also offer the following online payment methods PayPal or Credit Payments (American Express, Visa and Mastercard). Please contact us if you would like to arrange.

What is your service delivery range?

We offer a free delivery range within 60km of Frankston, This covers all of the Mornington Peninsula, and up to Melbourne CBD. If you do fall outside of this range we charge a delivery fee of $1.50 per Km beyond our range, up to a total distance of 110km from Frankston.  Please contact us if you would like us to confirm if you are within this range.